John Carson, owner of the JA Carson Group, believes that business owners today have a social responsibility to contribute positively to the communities where they live and work.  Ways that the JA Carson group is achieving this include being a:

  • Progressive Employer:  Carson Group employees are continually offered the chance to learn and update their skills through in-house training, seminars, independent study, and on the job training.  Employees are encouraged to improve their “textbook” as well as practical field skills and all Carson Group employees are eligible for a company sponsored college education reimbursement program. 

  • Community Volunteer: The Carson Group believes in giving back to the community by donating their skills and services on a regular basis. Below are some of the organizations that we have served:
    •   Brooktondale Community Center
    •   Varna Fire Department

    •   Caroline Elementary School
    •   Brooktondale Fire Department
    •   Slaterville Fire Department
    •   Ithaca Childcare Center (IC3)
    •   Many anonymous personal recipients (for snow plowing and lawn mowing)
    •   Brooktondale Veterans Memorial
    •   Tompkins County Habitat for Humanity
    •   Bethel Grove Bible Church
    •   Brooktondale Baptist Church
    •   Calvary Chapel of Ithaca
    •   Second Wind Cottages
    •   Tompkins Medical Center

  • Environmentally Conscious Business: As a former Environmental Engineer, John Carson emphasizes protecting the natural landscape and the Carson Group of companies strives to work in the most environmentally-friendly way possible on each job.  Solutions are sought that work well with the existing landscape and biological features, on-site materials are used as much as possible, and the Carson Group’s diesel equipment is updated frequently and kept in good working order to reduce emissions and avoid any fluid leaks.  



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