Construction Photos

One of the first tasks for installing a new sprinkler system is boring under sidewalks or driveways.  We can drill up to 30 feet to make a hole for our sprinkler pipes and wires.  In the photos below, a Carson Irrigation employee is boring a hole under a delicate stone walkway.  Notice the care taken not to disturb the existing plantings.  This 1 ½” hole will provide a path for the sprinkler main pipe and control wires.  We often install outdoor lighting wire in this same area for future use.  We complete as much work as possible in mulch beds to prevent damage to turf areas.


In areas where pipe junctions are necessary, we must dig 4” wide trenches to make the connections.  The below photo shows Carson technicians “rolling up” the sod prior to digging the trench.  The sod and dirt is placed on tarps to keep the site clean and to aid in cleanup.


The below photos shows the key to “Trenchless” irrigation.  We have a specialty machine called a “vibratory plow”.  This machine actually “pulls” long sections of pipe into the ground without the need for trenching.  The machine has a heavy duty knife blade that is hooked to the pipe via a stainless steel “Chinese finger”.  The operator moves the blade into the ground, as the machine moves forward the blade “vibrates” to move rocks or loosen hard soils.  The pipe is pulled through the ground at a depth of 8 – 15 inches, depending on the situation.  Once the pipe is installed, the only evidence is a small slit in the soil. 

Once the pipe and joints are installed the trench is refilled with the dirt removed and the sod is replaced.  See the photo below

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