John A. Carson, Professional Engineer - Owner

John A. Carson received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science at Binghamton University, New York and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida. John has also held  a Professional Engineering license in New York State since 1997.

John began his professional career as a Project Construction Engineer for Shell Oil Company in New Jersey. In 1994 John was promoted to Environmental Engineering Manager for Shell Oil Company's Florida retail operations. While working in Florida, John attended the University of South Florida to earn a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

After earning his MBA, Mr. Carson was promoted to Shell Oil Company's corporate office in Houston, Texas as a Gasoline Trading Analyst. In 1997, John accepted another promotion with Shell Oil Company to be the Distributor Business Manager of Shell Lubricants operations in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

After working for Shell Oil Company for many years, John’s desire to run his own business overtook his commitment to a corporate career and in 1997 he established Carson Irrigation.

John’s history of listening and responding to his customers home and business needs is clear when you look at how the JA Carson Group has expanded its services over the years.

  • Carson Irrigation was established when John’s knowledge and experience in the field led him to identify an unmet need for quality installations and superior customer service in the lawn sprinkler business.
  • Carson Lighting followed in 1999 when John realized that most of his irrigation customers wanted to add outdoor lighting to their properties as well.
  • Carson Groundworks was created in 2004 to offer a wider range of services to the Carson Group’s new and existing customers.  Groundworks also helped take the seasonal fluctuations out of the business and enabled the company to keep full-time employees year around.
Today, Carson Groundworks is the largest division of the JA Carson Group.  The Groundworks Company is involved in drainage projects, driveway construction and repairs, building addition excavations, utility service excavations, septic systems/repairs, and concrete work.
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