Carson Outdoor Lighting’s mission is to show customers how professional outdoor lighting will enhance the value their property through improved appearance, safety, and/or security. 

What our mission statement means to you…..

  • Carson Outdoor Lighting will demonstrate various lighting techniques to highlight your property to its fullest potential
  • We will show you the advantages of our systems over the department store products
  • We will show you the feeling of safety with our systems operating at your property
  • Our systems will increase the value of your property in excess of the installation cost.


Carson Outdoor Lighting will be known as the premier source to install and maintain outdoor lighting systems in central New York State.

What our vision statement means to you…..

  • When you think of experts in the outdoor lighting field, we want you to think about us.
  • We will have a widespread reputation for being the company that provides the outdoor lighting effect you are looking for

Core Values

Carson Outdoor Lighting's core values are as simple as ABC…..  Always serve the customer, Be disciplined, and Constantly improve.

What our core values mean to you…..

  • We will do what it takes to satisfy you with our system installations and after the sale service.
  • We pledge to listen you your needs
  • We are available 24/7/365 to help you
  • We will continue to do the little things that our customer may never see, but are the right and proper thing to do.
  • We will be constantly learning to bring you the best technology, best people, and best equipment to exceed your
    expectations. We will never stop learning.
2340 Slaterville Road, Ithaca, New York 14850 Phone: 607.539.3001 E-Mail: John@JACarson.com