Sprinkler System Installation Process

  1. John Carson will personally visit your home for a free sprinkler consultation.
    1. You will advise John of the areas you wish to be covered by your new sprinkler system.
    2. Mr. Carson will show you the company unit price schedule for sprinkler systems.
    3. John will test your water for adequate pressure and volume flow
    4. John will measure your property and prepare an estimate of the costs to water the areas you require.
    5. Mr. Carson will show you the types of equipment that will be installed for your new sprinkler system. The demonstration will include the system timer, valves, rotors, sprays, rain sensor, and backflow device.
    6. John will provide you with the cost estimate for installation of the sprinkler system. Financing will be introduced if needed.
    7. We can add or subtract sprays/rotors using our unit pricing so that the cost fits your budget. Our systems are modular, so many customers choose to complete their front lawn immediately and install the rear lawn sprinkler system the following year.
    8. It just takes a small deposit to accept the proposal and get on the installation schedule.
  2. Carson Irrigation will obtain the water permit from the local water department
  3. A plumbing connection will be made in you home to provide the water for the system.
  4. The day before installation, John Carson will walk the property with you and place temporary flags were the sprays and rotors will be located. We will decide on the location of the timer and rain sensor.
  5. Carson Irrigation will “pre-build” some of the technical systems at their shop. These components will speed the installation process.
  6. Carson Irrigation will arrive when promised to complete the installation. We will continue our work until the project is complete. We keep our tools and materials neat and orderly during the construction process. We remove all our waste construction materials on a daily basis to keep your property clean and neat.
  7. The completed system will be demonstrated to you.
  8. We will train you on the operation of the system and provide you with all the system operators manuals.
  9. We are always just a phone call away for phone or personal service support.
  10. You will be added to our list for periodic seasonal newsletters and annual spring startup plus winterization.


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