What water issues?  Not in our dry basement.  Even with all of that recent rain.- you did a great job!

Tom K

You guys were terrific this year. It was spoiling.



You did an awesome job fixing our system and very pleased with what u did and how timely u responded.

Thanks again!


Hi John,

We are very pleased with the new driveway.  Our oldest son, Tom who has been on many construction projects said "that's the way it should be done!".In fact he helped us in your selection.



It is fantastic, you and your team are the best! I'm very happy.


Hi John,

Another great bargain. Thank you for the excellent service! Tyler has done a very good job. He and his colleague did a great job on fall clean up. Of course I noticed the driveway poles. I have been trying not to knock them down :)

Meanwhile the basement is dry as a bone. It is drier than I have ever seen it and still drying out, quite amazing.




It was a pleasure to do business with you.  I will certainly be happy to recommend you to friends and will not hesitate to call again for other jobs.



Hey John,

Ted and Frank did a great job today laying the stone for the sidewalk -- it's terrific.  The wall and yard all look great as well.  Well done.


Dear John,

I was telling Kraig last night how you always seem to manage to attend to our problems within a very short time spell and get us "squared around" quickly and up and running.  Thank you once again, John, for your great service.  It is so appreciated here.  Our home is very important to us and the contributions that you have made to keeping it safer with your great lighting and for me not having to drag hoses around have been wonderful.  Please tell Bobby thank you once too for getting the gutters cleaned out as well.

Best wishes.


Hi John -

yes, thank you! Done perfectly as usual.  Thanks so much!


We are so happy with the excellent and timely plowing this morning.

Thank you so much for plowing exactly as I asked.

The neighbor, Tom,  is ecstatic, he told me the other company they tried a few years ago bailed on them.


Thanks John,  

We are pleased and most fortunate to have the superb relationship with you and your people.  

Thanks and Merry Christmas,

Ed and Marlene.

Thank you John.    The men did a very good job and were nice and thoughtful to work with. 


John - thanks for doing a good job for us and keeping up with a challenging winter.


Many thanks for your kind thoughts and all the help you gave my father as I know he could be difficult at times due to the dementia from which he was suffering. 


They were a terrific crew!  Very polite, friendly, and kept everything cleaned up along the way! Super considerate crew.   It was a pleasure having them working at the church.


*Thanks again for the work your crew did this week. It was more than we wanted to spend, but necessary work. And you were right about your crew: They were a delight to work with, putting up with my looking over their shoulder and asking for information etc. to help make sure it was a good experience. We'll certainl keep you in mind for future work.

-Craig & Elly

Dear John,

Thank you for your great work. And thanks for responding so quickly


Hi John,

I just wanted to say thanks for an outstanding job!  Bobby and Roger were very nice to work with and I hope the snake has a nice home.

thanks again,


Hi John,

Thanks for the invoice and form. We'll get the check out this week, and also the completed form. Your crew did a terrific job! Neighbors have been stopping by to admire it and ask who did it.


Hi John,

Thank you for your quick response.  The work at  Pleasant  St cured the problem I have been trying to solve for 20 years.

I am putting the checks in the mail today.

Best wishes.


Hi John,

The driveway had never looked so good. I'll be sending you what I owe you on Tuesday by way of my bank.

Thanks so much!!


Dear John,

 The guys worked really hard and did a fine job.  Even with last night's intense rain, all seemed to work except for my house gutters!!!

Thanks, Verlaine

Hi John,
I think you are very lucky to have Roger and Bobby working for you – they were professional, knowledgeable, responsive to every question and concern, and they do excellent work. Please let them know.



Can't wait to put the system to use.  You were very generous with what you do, ie. replacing the splitter from your pocket.  Thank you also for that.

Gene & Jeanne

Thanks John! Your guys did a fabulous job. Just like you told me it all worked out. I'm glad to be doing this. It was the right thing to do.

Thanks also for getting the lock replaced on the overhead door.

Thanks again. We'll be in touch about the next phase.



Yes!!!  They did an incredible job - we are so happy with it - and have already put in some plants!

Thanks so much John!

Cindy and Andrea

Hi John~

The mulching looks GREAT!  I do think that next year, I will need to put pins in where small things (like hollyhocks) are just sprouting out.  But that's something I will need to do myself.  It's VERY nice.  Your guys were really nice, too!

Thank you!!



We mailed out the payment yesterday.  I also want to thank you for the cleanup, seeding, and hay.   

It was a very nice surprise to come home to!!   :) 


Hi John,

The driveway looks great. It totally stood up to all the traffic (over 300 people!) we had for the Open House today .

Thanks so much for getting it done on short notice!


Hi John,

Thanks so much for coming over today to replace the lights.  What a difference they make!  I don't know how we ever lived without them.  :)

Judy & Frank

Dear John,

Thanks so much. The work was perfect and we really appreciate it and the price.  We will definitely spread the good word.



Peace of mind is priceless.    Thanks a million!


Dear John,

Your guys did a fabulous job resurfacing the porch.  It looks beautiful!  Thanks again for being so responsive to my request.  


Dear John,

Your guys did a fabulous job resurfacing the porch.  It looks beautiful!  Thanks again for being so responsive to my request.  I'll look for your bill sometime soon.


Hi John,

I meant to get back to you sooner- everything went great and ahead of schedule.  Bob and Roger were awesome- hard working, professional in appearance and action, and very nice to work with.  

Thanks for the help with the job!


Hi John,

Thank you for taking such good care of us and our property.

We are leaving for Florida soon. Please continue to plow the driveway as some people need access to our house while we are gone. 

Many thanks, Tanny

Dear John,

I'd been meaning to write to tell you what an absolute pleasure it has been using your plowing service.  It's done with intelligence!  Done the way we need it, when we need it.  We raved so to some friends, they asked for your name this week.


John, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you had beautiful our home looks thanks to your staff.  They are very professional, informative and meticulous.  I am so pleased to be your client.  Thank you, Sharon

Hi John-  The driveway looks super great.  I appreciate the quality of your work- the house looks much better for it.



Your prices have always been fair and the recent projects are no exception.  I appreciate your efforts as well as that of your crews, I find them to be trustworthy as well as conscientious.  I also enjoy the special attention you give to each of my projects as you always seem to know what I want even when I don't know myself !!


I am immensely pleased. The creek is running BIG and I like all the attention your men paid to reseeding.


Hi John,

This morning when I got up, I was happy to see that the sprinkler system was continuing to work well.  This has been a wonderful investment for us.  I actually ran it manually last week in the evening when the temps were so high.  You got a silent blessing every third day.  Feel those good vibrations coming your way.  I can only imagine how busy you and your crews have been this summer.

Love those lights. Stay hydrated and pat your doggie.


Work was all completed beautifully.  Thank you!


Hi John,

Our front walk looks sooooo much better! You guys are a life saver. I really appreciate your attention to detail and prompt service.

Quality & customer service are both important to me and you are great with both.


Hi John,

Thank you so much for having your crew come by this morning on such short notice.

They were here at 7:20 and left at 7:40. They were awesome, you have really good people working for you!

To Whom It May Concern,

We hired Carson Groundworks to resolve a water drainage issue. They installed new drainage pipes, retrenched a drainage ditch, and removed a couple of inches from our driveway. John had noticed that we had recently planted grass, and even brought new grass seed to plant in the area that needed to be dug up. We were so please with the work Carson Groundworks did, as well as the timeliness and professionalism that they demonstrated, that after they completed the first job we hired them to build us a small patio too. We highly recommend Carson Groundworks.


Andrew and Jaime
Ithaca, NY

We (my husband and I) know we are the most difficult customers to sell to and ultimately please. We certainly possess the dominant and analytical personalities styles and must compare all products before making major purchases. Mr. Carson handled the barrage of questions we threw at him with confidence. He demonstrated extensive knowledge of his products and that of his competition. He stayed cool under pressure and easily explained and differentiated the products in a way that was not too technical nor too vague. He won our business hands down.

In today's society of poor customer service and a desire to cut costs with subpar products, Mr. Carson's attention to detail and a desire to do the job right the first time impressed us. Not only do we highly recommend him. We have hired him time and time again to do multiple jobs for us...we have never been disappointed. Kudos to Mr. Carson and the entire JA Carson Group team.

Rick & Karen

To Carson Outdoor Lighting: When we hired you for our outdoor lighting project, we expected a nice improvement to our home/property. But, wow! Our new lighting blew us away with just the right level of light around our home. We now feel safer at night, it's easy to find our keys when coming into the house, and our visitors appreciate the lighting as well.

Lisa & Edward E

We have had a Carson Irrigation Sprinkler system since 2001. I remember when we were speaking with potential contractors. Mr. Carson was the only contractor to test our water pressure at our home. He also demonstrated the types of lawn sprinkler equipment he uses and described the installation process. Carson Irrigation was not the least expensive quote we received, but I know we got the best value from his system. Our sprinkler evenly waters our property with no dry spots. Aside from normal spring startup and winterizing services, our system has been nearly maintenace free.

Thank you!

Tom V

2340 Slaterville Road, Ithaca, New York 14850 Phone: 607.539.3001 E-Mail: